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We make it super easy to share and publish rich presentations, using your existing slides.

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Hipslides Interface
Narrate your existing slides

Narrate your existing slides

Easily add your voice and video into your slides. Hipslides can transcribe your speech and display on your slides.Get your point across even when you’re not there in person.

Publish on your website or blog

Publish on your website or blog

Create unique links for your presentations and email them. Or publish your presentation on your website, popular blogging platforms like Medium and Wordpress.

Go Live on FacebookGo Live

Go Live on Facebook

Connect your Facebook account, select your slides and go live on Facebook with your presentation. Grow your presence and engage your existing audience with Hipslides.

Collect Emails and Payments

Collect Leads and Payments

Ask for emails or collect payments when your audience is most engaged - when they are viewing your presentation.

With a few clicks, you can turn your presentation into a marketing tool that helps you connect with your customers.

Include videos, files and web sites in your presentations

Include videos, files and web sites 

No need to send your slides, product video and your web site separately. Hipslides lets you include videos, web sites, GIFs and more in your presentation.

Your audience will view these as dynamic slides while they are going through your presentation.

Retarget people who view your slides

Retarget people who view your slides

Hipslides allows you to show Facebook ads to people after they viewed or engaged with your presentation.

This is one of the best ways to keep your message top of mind and hyper target the people in the organization that you are selling to.

Why people love Hipslides

I love sharing Hipslides presentations! It helps me qualify potential customers, before I meet them live!

Sarah, Sales

It's so much better than putting up PDF presentations on my blog posts! Hipslides helps me get my point across.

Sam, Content Marketer

When I'm pitching investors, I include a mini Hipslides presentation with video. It helps us get way more meetings.

Frank, Entrepreneur

Hipslides is awesome! It lets me qualify potential clients before I even meet them with rich presentations.

Sara, Sales